Employee Welfare


In Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited, we provide various benefits to ensure our employees' welfare. While this may increase our business expense and negatively affect your bottom line, looking after your employees will benefit you in other ways.

Compliance : In SSSPL, we are required by law to provide certain benefits for the welfare of our employees. We may have to match the social security norms our employees pay and obtain a worker's compensation insurance policy. If we terminate an employee, he may have to funds to extend his health insurance.

Hiring and Retention : The benefits an employee receives in Sravan shipping Services Private Limited is welfare are often a significant reason why he decides to accept a job offer. As such, providing employee benefits allow us to compete with other businesses to recruit and retain qualify employees. If other employers offer better benefits, good employees may choose to go there.

Employees Motivation : We always provide a plan that's good for employees' welfare; we show them that you value them. This helps make them feel welcome and happy in your organisation, motivating them to work harder. Due to our health plan has always has wellness coverage and preventative care, our employees are more likely to stay healthy, cutting down on absenteeism and sick days.

Employees' Well-Being : We have had a large base of employees working under stressful conditions or living away from family, so we look at fostering personal happiness and professional growth. We believe in investing in employees pays dividends in terms of higher productivity and greater loyalty

Company Image : Last but not the least, we provide a good employee welfare plan that reflects well on our business, building a good company image. Sometimes, it even earns our organisation some press coverage, giving you free publicity to improve awareness among potential customers. Thus, this is how we boost your sales and increase your profits.

We develop an Effective Employee Welfare Program in Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited by following basics :-

  • We conduct employee surveys to understand their needs and expectations.
  • We indentify key areas of building skills and engagement and facilitating trainings for the same.
  • We propose solutions for personal upkeep, family uplifting and future security.
  • We create opportunities for greater synergies between the management and employees.
  • We conduct impact assessments and feedback surveys.