Health, Safety & Environment


Our company pays utmost importance to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and has robust HSE Policy. We achieve our goal of sustainable development through proper management of HSE risks. Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited is committed to continuously review and improve HSE standards to prevent accidents, minimize environmental impact, prevent environmental pollution, and reduce health and safety risks. To provide the framework and structure to meet the highest level of HSE expectations, a HSE manual along with a guide has been prepared and adopted for all the operational areas of SSSPL. SSSPL's commitment to performance is also reflected through one of its visions statements that SSSPL fully committed to health, Safety & Environment".

Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited ensures that health surveillance appropriate to the risks that may be incurred in the place of work is available to all employees. Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited employees normally informs organization about their employer's Registered Medical Practitioner if they are unfit to carry out a prescribed work activity. If our organisation notifies the unfitness of the employee we immediately take appropriate action to comply with the general duties of employers to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all employees at work.