Our Future

Our Future

We have grown up with our vision and values during more than 16 years with our company. We have never been more confident of our vision and never more certain of our values than today. We have no doubt our company can persevere through any economic cycle and that we will be even stronger, even more secure, and even more dependable and reliable for our customers and communities.

Never before in our company's history has our physical presence meant more for a neighborhood or a community than it does now. Our customers today, more than ever, need a soft, trustworthy, capable services provider who can help them plan for and achieve their goals.

Never before has it been more important for us to see our customers as our friends and neighbors - to make them feel at home, show them we care, make them feel special, give them right service , give them value, know them and thank them. If we continue doing all these things well, we will earn not just gratitude but also all their business for a lifetime.

Over the years, SSSPL has established a solid equity for itself amongst its customers. All thanks to its dedication, a flawless commitment to its business and the philosophy of putting the customer first before anything else. At SSSPL, our experience and insights have enabled us to gain deep knowledge of the shipping business. We do a lot of research and study into our customer requirements and needs and this enables us to meet their expectations very well. Also the fact that our expertise and guidance has helped our customers reap us is a testimony to itself.

We have what it takes to be great. We're brought together under one vision. We share common values that form the basis of a well-understood and effective culture. We enjoy a time-tested business model with proven strategies and goals. We benefit from an operating philosophy and provide sustainable, competitive advantages. We possess the kow-how to execute well, and most of all, we have great people.


Our foundation for success can be summarized in three beliefs in who we are and what we do:

  • Our services is our product
  • Our value added is advice and guidance.
  • Our competitive advantage is our people.

Our formula for greatness starts and ends with people. Here is it mind share + heart share = Market share.



Having a vision is not enough. You need a strategy to achieve that vision, along with a business model that can succeed in any economic cycle. You also need extraordinary execution. In fact, it's all about execution. A good strategy perfectly executed will beat a great strategy poorly executed every time. At Sravan Shipping, innovation and service are inseparable. More innovation does not always lead to better service, but better service almost always leads to more innovation. Put simply, our service is our product. Our value added is our financial success.

While experience is one facet, leadership & Innovation is another. Innovation is the central force with which a SSSPL can distinguish itself from others. In that sense, innovation is the fountainhead for differentiation and the genesis of branding. It can spur creation and sustenance of successful SSSPL brand, which will enable SSSPL to reposition itself in the world of shipping allied & logistics services. A great leader makes a great organization. The team leading SSSPL personifies strong vision, commitment and entrepreneurial success. Simply because of the belief we nurture, that every commoner should enjoy the pride of being a part of the SSSPL family.

Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited. It involves trying to put quality of service into everything we do, and this attitude tends to separate the achievers, who make rapid strides in their career from others.

Sravan shipping Services Private Limited believe is that "Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavor, and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundations of necessary failure. This is the essential paradox of expert performance. When these conditions are in place, learning takes off, knowledge escalates, and performance soars. You are on the path to excellence. This doesn't have to be loud and gregarious, more a quiet confidence, willing to work hard to achieve goals which accord with the company's objectives. We pride in our own work and we desire to give of our best will also go a long way.

The quality of our service keeps customers coming back for more and is our single biggest driver of revenue growth. We want our customers to find a friendly face in our Container Freight Station, hear a warm voice on the phone and find it easy to do business with us online or on the go. We want them to feel like they are having a conversation with someone interested in understanding them and helping them succeed financially. When they do come to us with a problem, we want to fix it as quickly as we can.

Technology - The personal touch

We use technology to personalize service, not to depersonalize it. Technology allows us to connect with our customers in new ways every day. It enables our customers to control when, where and how they want to do business with us, and it gives our customer-contact team members the ability to quickly access the information they need to earn 100 percent of every customer's business. Thanks to technology, we know how many services - and which specific service-each customer has with us. We can also predict the next service they'll most likely need based and how they access SSSPL.

Technology is also essential for targeted marketing, and protecting confidential information about our customers. We use it every day for analyzing customer as well as creating and pricing new services based on the depth of existing customer relationships. When we focus our technology resources on service to customers, we can achieve a true competitive advantage for Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited, but technology alone does not guarantee such an advantage. What's important is the creativity and speed with which we put that technology to use to benefit our customers.

Customer-centric, not service-centric: We do not view any service in isolation, but as part of a full and long-lasting relationship with a customer and with that customer's total needs. We start with what the customer needs-not with what we want to offer service to them. We also want to offer our services to customers in ways that are most convenient to them. When it comes to serving our customers well, we're all marketing people and we're proud of it. Superb people know the importance of service.. There's no sale without superb service from our entire team-from our customer-contact people to our operations centers and everyone in between.

Growth Vision

With a view to meet the country's growing infrastructural demands especially in CFS & Warehousing; our company has accelerated its expansion programme in entire east coast of India, which has proven resources for development of end-to-end logistics in the region. We are accelerating our work in for our second Container Freight Station and success in expansion will augment the potential container trade further. Free Trade Warehouse Zone, completely new horizon to be conquered as the opportunities arise.

From the humble beginning in the year 2005-2005 we handled 3871 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units to till third quarter of 2013-2014 we handled 60000 (TEUs). The total number of TEUs handled during the above period is 350840 TEUs.

The strategic vision of Sravan CFS is to provide state of the art facilities in the most cost-effective manner by giving utmost priority to safety and security in terms of container handling, storage, customs bonding, warehousing and other value added services. The trade can expect "best-in-class" services from the Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited. We bring world-class IT systems, which will define the new benchmark in the industry.

With a proven track record of high service deliverables, Sravan Logistics services standards are benchmarked against international facilities. Our streamlines procedures, systems and standardized procedures in handling project cargo, freight forwarding and warehousing and efficient use and maintenance of equipment, ensure smooth operations and flow of containers. IT enabled processes with complete documentation and billing counters, which aid in creating value added services.

The turbulent shaping businesses in today's always-on global marketplace promise to accelerate that ongoing evolution. In that context, I've put together a list of what I believe will be the top priorities for strategic initiatives and endeavours for business excellence in the next 5 to 10 years.

Our Company's focal objective is to maintain its temp of steady and positive growth in terms of volume of work, turnover and profit, irrespective of the changing environment. Keeping in mind these words of wisdom, we at Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited has kept themselves focused on positive growth with invaluable support of our existing customers.

For expansion, of course, financial requirements is part and parcel of ever growing organization in the contemporary era with having professional ambiance to sustain growth and expand our reach to serve and retain our beloved customers in every nook and corner of the universe not only for service but excellence too. At the same time, we intend to make sure that our organization is constantly adapting to meet the needs of modern society by using our comprehensive strengths and progressive business models.

As part of this, we have decided to launch a new infrastructure projects in future like another Container Freight Station and Free Trade Warehousing Zone, for which the approvals are under process from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Our core competitive strength is our ability to respond flexibly as a group to changes in the business environment, and we will continue to closely monitor our position and direction.

For that, we are also intends to invest Rs. 135 crore over the next two years Container Freight Station at the Port cities of Kakinada and Krishnapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The company will initially start the work on the terminal at Krishnapatnam port and the project will be ready by 2014 end. The handling capacity at the Kakinada CFS would be 1, 00,000 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent units) per year and 1, 20,000 TEUs at Krishnapatnam. While the Krishnapatnam project will involve an investment of Rs. 75 crore, the Kakinada CFS will require Rs. 60 crore. Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited handled 70,000 TEUs at Visakhapatnam Container Freight Station in the financial year 2012-13 as against 56,259 TEUs in the preceding year. In the current financial year, it is targeting to handle more than 75,000 TEUs at the Vizag CFS.