Corporate Social Responsibility


In Sravan shipping Services Private Limited, we believe that business is not measured purely in financial terms. We also believe that the way we go about achieving our success is as important as success itself. We know the role of logistics within local communities is far-reaching - we understand that our use of human and natural resources in meeting our business needs impacts the people we work with, the communities we work in and the planet we inhabit. While we're committed to creating sustainable value for our shareholders, we're also committed to expanding our business sustainably, with integrity and with respect for the communities we work in.

As a corporate citizen, we acknowledge the importance of actively supporting the communities in which we operate. By the very nature of what we do, we maintain strong links to the communities in which we work. Our continuing engagement through our support of a broad range of programs and initiatives and our donations and sponsorships reflects the importance we place on our responsibilities. In addition to the programs that SSSPL group supports at a corporate level, our business areas within our operating divisions proactively support the local communities in which they work. Making a vast range of community and charitable contributions, they have been involved in a wonderfully diverse range of community initiatives and events

We also actively encourage and support our employees to become involved with local community organizations and activities. We're proud of the countless hours our people across the region contribute each year in undertaking volunteer work for a broad range of local initiatives. Our business entity formulates a CSR policy to guide its strategic planning and provide a roadmap for its CSR initiatives, which is an integral part of overall business policy and aligned with its business goals. The core elements of CSR policy are Ethical functioning, Respect for Workers' Rights and Welfare, Respect for Environment, Activities for Social and Inclusive Development.


Based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, SSSPL organization in associations with LIONS CLUB has pioneered comprehensive, innovative and compassionate approaches to overcoming addiction and related issues, especially those related to drugs and alcohol. First Step provides its clients with a wide range of professional support services, from legal services through to general health care and family support. Our partners proud to provide First Step with core financial, administrative and technology support. Since we began working with First Step in 2004, the clinic has expanded its client care offerings. In this time, the clinic has treated thousands of patients, assisting many to overcome their addictions.


The Second Step Program is designed to support employment opportunities for people whose employment prospects are limited as a result of a history of addiction. The Second Step Program is linked to the First Step Program and SSSPL that opens doors to opportunities, relationships and community for at risk young people in our community. SSSPL Second Step program, which started in 2008, now offers 35 positions a year throughout Visakhapatnam in a variety of supported and mentored employment positions. The majority of our Second Steppers are offered full time positions at the end of their initial 12 month supported placement, which is a testament to the success of the program. To date, we've helped over 240 people get their lives back on track and maintain satisfying and rewarding employment. Our hope is that our leading role in the Second Step initiative will encourage other organisations to support individuals dealing with what would otherwise be insurmountable problems. We're committed to working with all of our stakeholders - including staff, customers, shareholders, community, government agencies and others - to ensure our Indigenous engagement strategy is good for business, good for Indigenous people and good for society. 

Under CSR Activity, the Managing Director Sri G Sambasiva Rao has donated a brand new Maruti Suzuki Omni Van for Snake Catcher Team for Catching Snakes in prominent areas to save both the beings.

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