Sponsorships & Donations


We're proud to provide support to the communities we work within via a wide range of sponsorships and donations. We believe we have a responsibility to the community, and we're proud to support a broad range of initiatives and programs around the world that align with our company values.

In some instances we provide financial assistance. More commonly, we draw on our logistics resources and capabilities to provide in-kind support that helps charities and community organizations to deliver their valuable services and programs. This can include anything from mobilizing our network in times of crisis to provide support with emergency logistics to supplying movement of charitable goods free of charge. This type of support allows these organizations to direct their funds to their core work.

Our people devote considerable time to facilitating the delivery of this in-kind support. We actively support and encourage these efforts. We're proud to assist our employees with their contributions to the organizations and activities they support.

Being socially responsible corporate organization, we largely contributes some percentage of net profit by way of adoption of Government School at Mulagada, near Gazuwaka, Visakhapatnam by providing books, uniforms, Running Homoeopathic clinic for the backward & poor people, organizing Medical camps every month for general check up, maintenance of two temples and running Veda Patasala for upbringing of good Vedic scholars, plantation of nearly 5000 trees in and around sheelanagar, Mulagada, Port Area, Air Port areas to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment and Distribution of rice / blankets / utensils for the flood affected people. Building drinking water facilities in the backward tribal hamlet areas of Padaru and nearby locations for the betterment of hygiene surroundings is foremost endeavor in this financial year.

More to the point of extreme, we believe in excellence to serve the society as a whole for self satisfaction and as responsible organization with specific ethics to follow and create more and more employment generation for the skilled and semi skilled youth for backward regions so that they can have a nice meal everyday and to keep hunger and starvation at arm's length. For us awards and commendations are stepping stones for justification of what we given to society and the smile of the people at the end of the day.