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The objective of Human Resources management is to nurture an environment sustaining the positive culture and core values which would continuously inspire human resources to achieve excellence in all endeavors an maximize stakeholder value. In order to develop employee competencies of superior performance, every year 70 employees were trained through course organized in-house, 30 employees were trained through in-country programs.
There was no man day loss due to industrial relations problems. I wish to state that our company has a great team of employees, who, through their competence and commitment, are giving shape to our dream and building a new future for our company. We firmly believe that the prosperity of our business depends on successfully developing an integrated community to motivate and innovative employee. We cater for employee needs by building positive employee relationships through nurturing initiatives, innovations and aspirations in conformance with best practices, whereby we not only ensure commitment to honesty, integrity, transparency and mutual trust but also create employee pride.

We keep the employee attached to the organization and towards this keep them happy to the extent possible. Welfare measures in Sravan Shipping Services Private Limited are over and above the wages paid, ESI, CPF and Bonus to employees. These include improved working conditions, health care facilities, insurance for self and family, recreation facilities, improved industrial relations and so on. These measures may not be in the form of monetary benefits. All some measures are aimed at: Keeping the workers happy and satisfied, to provide better employment life and health to workers, reduce stress situations, and improve intellectual, cultural and materials conditions. There are reasonable welfare measures available to employees through statutory provisions. In most cases collective bargaining helps to improve the degree of welfare facilities. The welfare measures are not rigid. It will be changing all the time.
It reflects on our vision, creativity and understanding the spirit of his work ethics. The welfare measures may also help develop the personality of employees to certain extent. Motive behind providing welfare schemesis to create efficient, healthy, loyal and satisfied labor force for the organization.
Our important welfare measures can be detained as follows: medical benefits, education and recreation facilities for workers' families help in raising their standards of living. Because we take care the welfare of their families of workers they pay more attention towards work increasing their productivity and employees become more loyal our organisation. Our employees will stick on and start taking active interest in their jobs and work with a feeling of involvement and participation.We maintain some statutory welfare measures: The statutory welfare schemes include the following provisions: Drinking Water / Facilities for sitting / First aid appliances / Latrines and Urinals/Canteen facilities: 6. Spittoons: 7. lighting: 8. Washing places /changing rooms/Rest rooms etc. We also maintain non statutory schemes like scholarships for employees' children etc. all aimed at one thing - keep the employee and get their work done.